Zojirushi Rice Cookers

Should you cook rice much more than the usual couple occasions each individual thirty day period you’d like a countertop electrical rice cooker. The electric rice cooker is often a clever machine that is as basic to implement being a toaster but generally provides magical success. It really is a tribute to human ingenuity how this straightforward kitchen tiny equipment does its magic and cooks rice, each and every sort of rice, completely every single time. How is it that Zojirushi rice cookers know when to modify through the cooking” mode on the maintain warm manner immediately?


In the event you acquire out the inner cooking pan of the Zojirushi rice cooker and look inside of the rice cooker, you may see a small round disk, about 1-1/2″ in diameter, while in the centre in the heating plate. It is a thermal sensing product, called a magnetic thermostat, and it sits with a tiny spring.

When rice and drinking water are put in to the internal cooking pan and after that set into your key system of your rice cooker, the burden of your rice and drinking water within the internal cooking pan depresses the spring with the magnetic thermostat. This sensor triggers the heating plate to head over to whole energy and bring the liquid during the cooking pan to a boil. At sea degree drinking water boils at 212 F (100 C) and no higher. Here is the ingenious aspect. Given that there exists water in the pan the rice cooker’s heating component will stay on. If the rice absorbs all of the drinking water, the temperature during the pan will begin to increase because there isn’t any water left during the pan. Once the thermal sensor senses that the temperature has risen over 212 degrees F, the equipment turns off the heating ingredient and switches to a “keep warm” method of about one hundred fifty levels F.

Zojirushi Corporation has been producing electrical rice cookers together with other little kitchen appliances for additional than 80 years. Zojirushi delivers numerous varieties of rice cookers to go well with everyone’s demands.

In additional state-of-the-art Zojirushi styles a computer chip automatically makes changes in temperature and cooking time based upon this system entered. These cookers are termed micom rice cookers since they are really equipped having a microcomputer chip. The top-of-the-line Zojirushi micom rice cooker will be the Neuro Fuzzy, a registered trademark name coined by Zojirushi to indicate a rice cooker which makes use of “fuzzy logic” as a result of a micro laptop or computer chip to cook rice.

This personal computer chip will be the brains of the device and as an alternative to merely switching on and off reacting to temperature, the rice cooker now helps make tiny adjustments in temperature and cooking time based on just what the thermal sensor senses. To help you method your rice to be tough or delicate, dry or watery, as while in the scenario of constructing rice porridge, the Asian comfort and ease food items. You are able to also program for cooking white, brown or sweet (glutinous) rice.

The conventional heating strategy often known as Induction Heating (IH) takes place whenever a magnetic materials is placed in a magnetic field. In Zojirushi rice cookers, coils within the base of the rice cooker develop the magnetic subject. Once the exclusive two ply inner cooking pan (nonstick coated aluminum with stainless steel outer lining) is positioned to the rice cooker, a magnetic industry is generated to produce fast warmth. Through this technology, the whole interior cooking pan by itself gets the heat resource utilizing both equally superior warmth and finely tuned heat adjustments to control the cooking method. The outcomes? Increased and more rapidly heat response which is additional evenly distributed for beautifully cooked rice every time!

Zojirushi rice cookers are created to maintain a basket previously mentioned the rice which may utilized to prepare dinner veggies while in the steam coming from the rice. It is possible to also make use of your Zojirushi in warm method as a gradual cooker for other dishes like beef stew or soup.